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                                              Climate-neutral catalogue since 2019

                                              Our goal is for both our products and our corporate values to be geared toward
                                              sustainability. We therefore want to take responsibility for the emissions resulting
                                              from printing our catalogue and give something back to nature. That is why we have
                                              been producing a climate-neutral main catalogue since 2019. This means that we
                                              compensate for the unavoidable CO  emissions caused by printing by supporting
                                              climate protection projects.

                                              CO  compensation and regional conservation
                                              International climate protection combined with regional commitment

                                              The CO  is entirely compensated by one of the following climate protection projects,
                                              each of which is certified according to international standards. For each ton of
                                              compensated CO , a donation will be given to the Bergwaldprojekt (Mountain
                                              Forest Project) to co-finance the outreach weeks in the Freiburg Stadtwald (Freiburg
                                              City Forest). The project ( protects more than 97,000
                                              hectares of forest in Pará at the Brazilian Amazon estuary and prevents commercial
                                              deforestation. It creates alternative sources of income for local families. The largest
                                              Colombian REDD+ project protects 1,150,200 hectares of rainforest and preserves its
                                              biodiversity ( It provides education, healthcare, sanitation
                                              facilities, food security and other social services for 16,000 indigenous people.

                                              Clean drinking water

                                              Clean drinking water helps people and the environment in Mozambique

                                              This drinking water project ( provides around 102,000
                                              inhabitants with access to clean drinking water by repairing and installing wells
                                              in the provinces of Tete, Sofala and Manica in Central Mozambique. Providing clean
                                              water means that households no longer need to treat water at open fireplaces.
                                              This in turn reduces the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the combustion
                                              process. It also prevents diseases that can be caused by air pollution from open
                                              fireplaces, which often affect women and children in particular.

                                                                                    - 198.500 KG CO     ²

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