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UPF 50+

            Coming to grips with

            the sun thanks to

            workwear with certified




            98% Shielding of

            UV-radiation                                      SUN PROTECTION AT WORK

                                                              Workwear with certified


                                                              The more UPF, the better
                                                              The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) indicated on UV-protec-
                                                              tive clothing shows how much longer somebody wearing these
                                                              clothes can stay in the sun without suffering any damage to
                                                              health. Therefore, the UPF-indication on textiles corresponds
                                                              to the sun protection factor of sunscreens. This is based on
                                                              the self-protection time of the skin, which varies considerably
                                                              depending on the individual skin type.

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