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              Social Compliance                                                           The fabric of this article has
                                                                                          been tested for harmful sub-
                                                                                          stances and certified acc. to
              As members of the, BSCI/Business Social Compliance                          STANDARD 100
                                                                                          by OEKO-TEX®
              Initiative‘ we commit ourselves to implementing the BSCI
              code of conduct as part of our business relations with   Oeko-tex® Standard 100
              our manufacturers and thus to improving the working   This standard guarantees that textile and non-textile
              conditions within our supply chain and to producing our   product components pose no threat to health.
              textiles fairly. This includes our clear commitment to the
              empoyees’ right to freedom of assembly, protection against  Quality Standard

              discrimination, and an adequate remuneration, that is, at   The merchandise is regularly tested by certified testing
              least the statutory national minimum wage.   institutes in the countries of production regarding the
              Another central component is the occupational safety   given parameter. Moreover, in cooperation with SGS,
              regulations. That is how we guarantee that the occupational   Testex, Hohenstein and other renowned institutes the
              safety regulations of the ILO (International Labour Organi-  quality is continually controlled.
              sation) are met. Child labour, forced labour or precarious jobs
              are not tolerated. Several social compliance departments in   Adherence to the Reach-
              the countries of production test all the factories thoroughly   Regulations
              and make sure that these conditions are met.  We assure you that when manufacturing our myrtle
                                                           beach products and JAMES & NICHOLSON textiles we
                                                           meet the obligations of the REACH-regulations.

              Amfori BEPI                                  OCS Standard

              By becoming a member of amfori BEPI (Business-Environmental   When manufacturing garments of myrtle beach and
              Performance Initiative), we can significantly improve the   JAMES & NICHOLSON, the Organic Content Standard is
              environmental sustainability of our supply chains. We plan   a standard for verifying and tracking the exact content
              on initiating the introduction process with the strategically   of organically grown materials in a final product. Among
              most important suppliers for us.  To start off with, these   other things, the superordinate ‘Content Claim Standard’
              suppliers will carry out the amfori BEPI self-assessment,   defines with OCS the traceability of merchandise as well
              which leads to new approaches to implement measures   as the transparency within the production chain.
              to improve environmental protection. This is because the
              starting points for improved product responsibility can   Recycled Polyester
              only be worked out with our long-term suppliers and   Collected plastic bottlesare crushed, melted down and spun
              implemented in a targeted manner once a critical analysis   to yarn again, which is sometimes completely integrated
              has been performed. Following on from this, our production   into the production. Thus for producing  the workwear cap
              facilities will be given additional training measures that   MB6234 about 3 half-litre bottles are recycled and for the
              provide essential knowledge for practical implementation.  new sport T-shirt JN519 even 25.

              Protection of the Environment
                                                             ORGANIC 100  ORGANIC BLENDED
              All the products of myrtle beach and JAMES & NICHOLSON   content standard  content standard
              are produced in an environmentally friendly way.  Certified by CU 853836  Made with 50  %– 95%
                                                                     Organically Grown Cotton
                                                                      Certified by CU853836

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