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       We assume responsibility                            With every sheet of recycled paper
       for our climate.                                    we improve our ecological footprint
       This means that by supporting an international climate    Recycled paper protects forests, biodiversity and the climate
       protection project by climatePartner, we compensate for    and saves energy, water and CO 2  during production. For producing
       the inevitable CO 2 -emissions resulting from the printing    our this year’s main catalogue, we are using 100% FSC certified
       of our catalogues.                                  recycled paper.

          Transparent climate protection                   Savings potential by using recycled paper
          A certificate by ClimatePartner confirms
          our CO 2  compensation.                                           Fresh fibre   Steinbeis
                                                              Consumption     paper   recycled paper  Saving
          114,000 kg CO  – compensated for

       Our climate protection project + planting trees         Wood (in kg)  217,554      0,0        100%
       This combined project contributes to financing a certified
       climate protection project thus supporting the planting of           5,085,350   1,037,472    79%
       additional trees in Germany.                            Water (in l)
                                We plant one tree in Germany                 1,313,000   352,187     73%
                                for every tonne of CO 2  saved   Energy (in kWh)
                                through the contribution via
                                a certified climate protection                98,071     56,459      42%
                                project. Thus we promote the   CO 2 -emission (in kg)
                                conversion of structurally poor
                                forests and monocultures to
                                more resistant mixed forests.
                                Currently, the planting of trees
                                in Germany is combined with a          FSC Recycled
                                certified reforestation project        The FSC Recycled logo stands for products
                                in China.                              which contain only recycled paper.

                                                                       The text in the logo reads:
                                                                       ‘Product type made from recycled paper’

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