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            ORGANIC COTTON                                       RECYCLED POLYESTER

            Organic Cotton Collection -                          PET bottles are recycled
            Clothes with inner values                            to create a new fashion
            Fair, transparent, harmless: The Organic Cotton collection   Collected plastic bottles are crushed, melted down and
            includes a wide range of sustainably produced organic    spun to yarn again, which is sometimes completely
            cotton clothing for every fair fashion lover. The Organic    integrated into the production. Thus for producing the
            Cotton collection by JAMES & NICHOLSON and myrtle beach   workwear cap MB6234 about 3 half-litre bottles are recycled
            impresses with a high quality combined with modern cuts    and for the new sport T-shirt JN519 even 25.
            and tasteful details.

                                                                                     for example:
            The naturalness is not only visible but also perceptible. Knowing        plastic bottles
            that the components of the garment are made of sustainably
            grown cotton and that no genetically modified fibres are used
            conveys a completely new attitude towards life.      product

            OCS Standard
            When manufacturing garments of myrtle beach and JAMES
            & NICHOLSON, the Organic Content Standard is a standard
            for verifying and tracking the exact content of organically                           crushing,
            grown materials in a final product. Among other things, the                           melting
            superordinate ‘Content Claim Standard’ defines with OCS the
            traceability of merchandise as well as the transparency within
            the production chain.

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